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Jim Cunningham is a character in Donnie Darko.


He first is mentioned as a local celebrity, author and motivational speaker. Kitty Farmer, a teacher at Donnie's school, begins idolizing him and teaching "attitude lessons" based on his work. He soon begins appearing at the school, becoming a hailed figure amongst most of the teachers and parents. His teachings and work are praised, despite revolving around typical, repetitive, values, such as avoiding fear, avoiding drugs and alcohol, refraining from premarital sex, etc. Kitty continues teaching "attitude lessons" based on his values, during which Donnie grows to realize the absurdity of his teachings and following.

He is eventually a very respected figure at the school, being blindly followed and praised by many of the staff and adults. Jim soon hosts at an assembly, during which Donnie outspokenly criticizes him and his beliefs, ultimately calling him "The fucking antichrist", to the cheers and applause of his fellow students, before being escorted out of the assembly by the principal.

Later on, whilst walking home from school, Donnie finds Jim's wallet on the floor and discovers his adress. Frank soon instructs Donnie to burn Jim Cunningham's house down, which he does while Jim is at the school talent show. Donnie manages to flee the scene, before the fire department responds and discovers a room full of child pornography in the ruins of the house. Jim is arrested the following day, to the horror of Kitty Farmer, the school staff, and his other supporters. His true identity makes headline news throughout middlesex. Even despite this relevation, Kitty and many continue blindly defending him. Kitty herself refuses to believe his crimes, stating that he's an innocent man being framed, and even joins his legal defense team.