Samantha Darko can conjure fire from nothing

"I can do whatever i want, and so can you" - Frank

Fourth Dimensional Powers are God-like abilities inherented by Living Receivers or Manipulated Dead.

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The Living Receiver is often blessed with Fourth Dimensional Powers. The Manipulated Dead are also given Fourth Dimensional Powers so they can use them to help The Living Receiver.

List of AbilitiesEdit

Fourth Dimensional Powers include:

Hydrokinesis The power to conjure Water Donnie uses it to flood the school
Pyrokinesis The power to conjure Fire Donnie burns Jim Cunigham's House
Telekinesis The power to move objects with you mind
Time Manipulation The power to travel to the past and future.
Increased Strength

The power to exert great strength from their muscles

Force-Field Generation The power to generate force-fields
Destiny Manifestation The power to see other people's destinies
Mind Reading The power to read people's mind